Daffodil Replicator (E): Version 3.1.0 Release Candidate Available

By Daffodil Software Ltd. - 12/28/2006 01:51:00 AM

Today is a great moment for Daffodil Software Ltd. We are happy to announce the Public release of Daffodil Replicator (E) Version 3.1.0. We have been working very hard from the last couple of weeks to get this release, and today our dream comes true. Daffodil Replicator (E) has various advantages over Daffodil Replicator (OS):

  • Daffodil Replication (E) is more robust and has simpler and stronger architecture than Daffodil Replicator (OS).
  • Supports Publisher-Subscriber Model.
  • Daffodil Replicator (E) puts minimum overhead on database performance. It creates a single table for recording changes to the database records as compared to multiple tables for recording changes in Daffodil Replicator (OS).
  • It is faster and supports real-time data integration.
  • Daffodil Replicator (E) can replicate data over Internet. It uses web services as compared to RMI in case of Daffodil Replicator (OS).
  • Daffodil Replicator (E) can perform replication among various datasources in a LAN directly without installing Replication DataSource, whereas with Daffodil Replicator (OS) we need to install a Replication Client.
New Enhancements:

  • The API name Replication Server is changed as Replicator and Replication Client as Replication DataSource in Daffodil Replicator (E).
  • Scheduling in Publisher-Subscriber Model.

We will continue supporting Daffodil Replicator (OS) as it is a great synchronization tool and is supported by a large mass of users.

To download Daffodil Replicator (E): Version 3.1.0 click the link below:


Daffodil Replicator Team